Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

Commitment to the Poor and Marginalised

Change in a Million Villages: Beyond Development Projects to Transformational Movements

Do you long to see the world’s poorest released from poverty with real solutions that change the trajectory of their lives forever? Do you long for those most marginalized to know Jesus as Savior and Lord?

What if our global outreaches alleviated poverty in so many villages that national governments took notice? What if we could create integrated movements that sweep the countryside rather than projects that impact a single village? What if our development work resulted in making disciples that multiply and establishing a church at the heart of every community?

In our opening session, Terry Dalrymple will address these questions with wholistic principles and proven strategies that pave the way for greater impact and a bigger return for our mission dollars.


For more than twenty-five years, Terry has championed the cause of the poorest of the poor, training and mobilizing workers around the world to facilitate processes that lift whole communities out of cycles of poverty and disease and bring people to faith in Christ. Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a strategy for village transformation that seamlessly integrates Christian Discipleship with disease prevention, and community-based development. Using this strategy, villages are transformed and movements are catalyzed that sweep the countryside. The strategy is multidimensional, addressing the whole need of individuals and communities – spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually, and economically. Representatives from more than 650 different organizations are now using it in 130 countries.

After a decade of service in the Philippines, Terry pioneered for Medical Ambassadors International in 9 countries in Southeast Asia, working together with partners to establish CHE programs in more than 400 communities. Later as International Coordinator at Medical Ambassadors, he guided the expansion of a growing global movement.

Terry is visionary leader with a global network. He will not stop until that little girl in the darkest corner of the smallest hut in the most marginalized village on earth has hope in Christ and the promise of a brighter future.

Terry serves as the Founder and Coordinator of the Global CHE Network, Vice-President of the Alliance for Transformational Ministry, and as faculty at the United Nation’s Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy.