Main Session Mondays


7/16/2018: Thank you for returning for our fifth Main Session Mondays video! This week, we listen to Celestin Musekura revisiting “Reproducible and Transferable Strategies for Wholistic Missions” from IWMC2018.

7/9/2018: Welcome back for our fourth Main Session Mondays video! Here is Ena Richards from Work 4 A Living with “Empowering the Poor With Excellence” from IWMC2018.

7/2/2018: Here is installment three of Main Session Mondays. This is Anna Ho from Reconciled World with “Reproducible & Transferable Strategies” from IWMC2018.

6/25/2018: Thank you for returning for our second Main Session Monday video; or, if you missed the first one, welcome! Here is Okongo Samson with “Commitment to the Poor & Marginalised” from IWMC2018.

6/18/2018: Welcome to our first Main Session Monday video! Here is Terry Dalrymple with “Teach Like Jesus” from IWMC2018.